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About Vardhan Children's Hospital

Team VardhanVardhan Hospital established on 30th May 2004. We are in service for last eight years and see around 3500 IPD patients per year & around 200 OPD patients per day. It is at present 30 beded 6000 sqft set located at central place near CBS stand.

Vardhan hospital have pediatric ICU, (PICU) Neonetal ICU, ENT, dermatology, pediatric neurology, pediatric surgery, ophthalmology, Dentistry, pediatric , orthopedic trauma care. Pediatric developmental study available full time round the clock.

Vardhan HospitalWe are very proud to bring to your notice that within a short span of time we have earned recognition and respect of both medical fraternities as also that of society at large. Vardhan hospital has made its name in this region as a set up where various kinds of pediatric care are taken at international standards at reasonable rates our rates are affordable to common people of the society. We have a strong team of speciality and super speciality doctor and are in position to take any major or supra major pediatric cases round the click. Pediatric Datients need intense attention of many specialist like Neonetalogist, pediatric surgeon, orthopedic surgeon, pediatric neurologists, dermatologist, ENT surgeon. In our facility we are able offer this comprehensive care to every one who needs it under one roof.

Vardhan HospitalVardhan Hospital is equipped with neonatal intensive care unit and pediatric ICU unit we have fully equipped 7 beded NICU, & 4 beded PICU. Which has all modern equipment's namely monitors, ventilator's, central oxygen supply electronic warmers, pulse oxymeter's, syringe pumps, apnea monitor machine , nebulizer, Phototherapy units, 02 generating machine. We have well trained staff and assistant Doctor's to look after our Patients. We have few surgeons on visiting basis. Around 10 to 15 NICU patients recover well from our NICU per month & around 150 secondary care patients recover from our hospital per month. We are amongst few pediatricians in the city who provide advanced surfactant therapy, to preterm babies.

We also practice very advanced vaccination of international standard like painless DPT, prevenar vaccine, injectable polio vaccine, Rotavirus vaccine etc.

We are commited to all our patients coming to us will get the best possible, rational medical and surgical care under one roof at Vardhan Hospital.